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My husband and I couldn’t have asked for a better officiant! Rachel understood the type of people we were and guided us through every part of the ceremony. She took great care about getting to know us before the wedding day – we met with her a few times to talk about our journey, how we met each other, why we want to get married, what our hopes and dreams were for our wedding day. It was wonderful to share our journey with her and the reflections reminded us of how much we loved each other and all the amazing memories we had together. Rachel was able to weave that through the ceremony - which was so lovely!

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She also shared a great list of discussion questions for us to talk about as a couple – questions that would come up throughout our life together. Unfortunately, my father got very ill before the wedding day and was unable to attend – which was very emotional for my husband and I – but Rachel was so supportive, caring, and empathetic throughout the process. Our wedding day really would not have been the same without her!

--Winnie & Femi Doyle-Marshall

Rachel was a wonderful officiant. Creating our wedding service with Rachel was stress free. Her humour, articulation, and care were present right through from the planning to the ceremony itself. She created a ceremony that perfectly mixed the traditional and non-traditional values my partner and I hold.

--Zachary Templeman

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Rachel Epstein was the officiant of our wedding. But I would say she was a wholehearted participant as well. We are never going to forget her.  Mary and I are older and have been around the block a bit. So even though life is a mystery, we have a tacit certainty about each other that we can and do sometimes put into words. We know we love each other and can show and tell each other that in various ways. We respect that love is a great and necessary education that we're just embarking on.


Rachel knows about this. She was the person to help us tell the world about it. We could not have done that without her. No ordinary church or state official could have done the job justice.  

Rachel was the right combination of passionate and professional. She really composed and choreographed our wedding. She is an artist. Thank you Rachel!

--Bill Wright & Mary Enid Haines

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